A magazine business proposal is a document, which outlines the salient features of a magazine business establishment. It must be comprehensive and concise. The information provided must be correct as well as detailed so that the document is of value for later reference. A magazine business proposal must take into account all the problem areas of the business as well.

Sample Magazine Business Proposal

Name of magazine: Lifestyle Magazine

Intended date of launching: 22nd April 2011

Our aims and objectives:

  • We will primarily be a fashion magazine offering the latest from the world of fashion and fashion weeks to our subscribers.
  • We will also incorporate columns and different sections addressing health and emotional issues, which most women undergo. We will not restrict ourselves to being just another fashion glossy. We hope to be of tangible value to our clientele, which will primarily be female.

Partners and major stakeholders: Susanna Anna-Marie Gomes and Helene Roberts

Tie ups with major fashion labels: Dior, Gucci, Empirio Pucci, DKNY.

Location of magazine office: 56B, Madison Avenue, New York

Subscription pattern: monthly, each issue will be out on stands by the 3rd of the month at 20$ per issue.

Personal Subscription: personal subscription is also offered at the starting scheme of $15 per issue. A minimum of one year subscription is a prerequisite.

Future plans: We plan to expand our healthcare section and branch out later in the year. In that case we will be able to devote more spec and attention to our fashion section and healthcare section separately.

Contact for more information: 467546732