A Maintenance contract proposal is one that is used to obtain a contract for providing maintenance services to a manufacturing plant, a factory, a services company or institution etc. The tone of the contract proposal has to be sound enough to obtain the contract from the concerned manufacturing or Services Company.

The overall approach should be to keep the proposal flow crisp, smooth and to the point as much as possible without giving in unneeded details. A sample maintenance contract proposal example is provided here for best use.

Sample Maintenance Contract Proposal Example

The following is an extract from the maintenance contract proposal presented by MRT Maintenance Company to the ATC Services Company.

Maintenance Contract Proposal presented by: MRT Maintenance Company

Date of submission of education proposal: 15 April 2013

Maintenance Contract Proposal presented to: ATC Services Company

Purpose of Maintenance Contract Proposal: To request for being allotted the contract for maintenance of housekeeping services at ATC Services Company.

  • Our company has more than 25 years of housekeeping experience and has an esteemed list of top-tier Services Companies in the city as our clients.
  • Our staff is well-trained and available on-time every time for any ad-hoc housekeeping requirements that you may have, apart from the housekeeping that we do as part of the contract. We have automated processes in place to check staff attendance and their compliance to policies and regulations.
  • Our rates are the lowest in the industry and we have been certified by the local as well as international quality standards organization for being the best in the business.
  • Please find enclosed our rates for the proposed services, along with a copy of our certificates and a list of our esteemed clients along with their contact details for your reference and use.

We will be glad to hear positively from you soon please.

MRT Maintenance Company