A maintenance contract proposal is a document, which establishes the terms, and conditions which will govern the maintenance of any product by its manufacturer. Most manufacturers periodically check on the maintenance and repairs of its products especially if they are within the warranty period. Such a contract can also be made later to ensure a through and quality check up of a product and to ensure a longer life.

Sample Maintenance Contract Proposal

Bright Beads Water purifiers Pvt. Ltd.

Maintenance contract number: 36236

Date of maintenance contract: 1st January, 2011

Herein are stated the details of maintenance contract number 36236, issued in the name of Mr. John Allen, Bd-496, Sector 1, Mandeville Gardens, New York. [Contact number- 476347637]

Type of service provided: Silver package

Product: Gem Aqua purifier, by Bright Beads Water Purifier Pvt. Ltd.

Model number: 45B34C

Product purchased in: 2009

Invoice number: 32827824784

Total servicing and maintenance of the product, including replacement of iron filter will be carried out on the 1st of January and the 1st of June for the year 2011. Contract is valid till 31th December 2011. On any complaint, we will also provide free assessments and repair work for the duration of the validity of this contract.

Payment for one year maintenance contract: $ 100

Mode of payment: Payment will be made in cash by the 5th of January. Cheques will be addressed to:

Bright Beads Water Purifier Pvt. Ltd.

34 Saxonville West

New York.

Contact for further information: 7346747343

Signature and seal:

Jack Roberts,

Chief Executive Officer,

Bright Beads Water Purifier Pvt. Ltd.