A Management consulting proposal is a document which caters to the requirements of a specific company. They are written, on payment of the outlined fees to the consultancy agency, with a view to increase the standing of a company in the business world.

Sample Management Consulting Proposal

Consultancy agency: Information Systems Pvt. Ltd

Year of establishment: 1999

License number: 223423

Our aims: We propose to present a management consulting proposal highlighting the unique advantages brought in by our consultation agency. We plan to highlight the skills of the agency and why it must be chosen as having the most suitable team to helm a project successfully.

Our advantages: We believe the synergy between the company’s aims and the agency’s applications resulting in greater the similarity between the objectives of two organizations and greater harmony, producing effective work.

Enclosed documents: we are hereby enclosing a CD containing our previous work experiences in brief and also the modules we plan to adopt with respect to the project planned by your company if we are chosen as partners.

Our fees: We charge $1000 per month till the time of completion of the project. Once our contract is renewed, fees will be negotiable. A detailed breakup of costs is also enclosed.

Our resources: Our management consultation proposal also specifies the technical and human resources of the agency, determining our skills at solving technical glitches, and for troubleshooting exercises at a short notice. A total and comprehensive assessment of the agency’s power and capability is provided to ensure a fair judging.

Thanking you,

Jane Harris

Information Systems Pvt. Ltd