Management Job proposal is a document drafted by a job applicant who wishes to get employed in the Management department of a firm. A management official looks after short term projects and its subsequent planning and proper executions of all the works. He is responsible to oversee that the project assigned to him is completed with efficiency. He may have administrative duties or other duties such as IT-related tasks, different organizational work etc. He should include authentic data about his educational qualification; his skills and his past work record and make his proposal look attractive and to-the-point to grab the employer’s attention.

Sample Management Job proposal

Name of the company applying to: Belleview Housing Corp. Pvt. Ltd.

Address: Houston Towers, 21st floor, 15th Jersey Street, New Jersey, USA.

Name of the Applicant: Robert de Janette

Address: 12th windy Street, New Orleans, USA

Name of the proposal: job proposal to get employed in the Management Department at Belleview Housing Corp. Pvt. Ltd.

Proposal drafted on: 12th September, 52014.

Proposal submitted on: 13th September, 2014.

Purpose of the proposal:

The purpose of this proposal is to attract your attention to the fact that I have the required qualifications and skills you have mentioned essential for the concerned job profile. I have a thorough experience and knowledge in this field and would like to be considered for a personal interview in this regard.

Details of the job proposal:

Experience: I have worked as the office administrator at Goldman Sachs for 3 years (2006-2009) and as the management head at jersey international for 4 years (2009-2013).

Qualification: I have a bachelor’s degree in Business management and Master’s Degree in Business Management from tufts University. I have completed a 9month diploma course in product Management from Elva Org.

Skills: good inter personal skills, exceptional management skill, good vocal and oral communication skill.

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