A management proposal format serves as a guideline for the creation of a management proposal by an organisation for managing its business or any project. Management refers to coordination among different essential elements of a project and the proposal must show how the manager plans to organise these various elements and bring them together to make sure the project runs smoothly and is successful in the end.

Sample Management Proposal Format:

Title of the proposal ______________________________

Proposal presented by _____________________

Date of presenting the proposal__________________

First Paragraph: The first paragraph of the management proposal must basically mention the nature of the project for which management services are required. This must be followed by stating the purpose and objective of the particular management proposal and how it will aid in making the project a success.

Second Paragraph: The second paragraph must elaborate on the different important areas of the project and how the handler of the project plans to manage all these areas. This part mainly includes the plan of action and methodology to be followed in order to make the project successful. By outlining these methods, the manager makes it easier for his employees or those working under him to work towards the objectives of the proposal.

Third Paragraph: The final paragraph of the proposal must include other important points like the deadline by which the manager must finish the project, the budget which he must follow and strive not to exceed and if he is requesting for funds he must mention the amount here and validate the requirement.