A management proposal letter is a document where one proposes to make some changes or introduce some additions in the management policy of an organization in the form of a letter. In order to run a company efficiently, it is very important to have a sound management strategy which will maximize the output with less resources and reduce the time spent. By updating an organization’s management policy, one can stay ahead of competitors and keep the employees on their toes. These management strategies can be discussed in a letter written by any one of the senior members to the top brass of the company for consideration.

Sample Management Proposal Letter:


Daniel Jones,

CEO, New Age Tech,


Dear Mr Jones,

I would like to make a proposal describing the need of changes in the company’s management strategy. If you take a look at the company’s financial results in the last two quarters, you will notice that the output has fallen by 12%. The recession has been weighing down on the company’s profits and the employees’ morale. We held a meeting among our senior employees last week to discuss what we can do to increase output and productivity. We request you to formulate a department which will take responsibility to implement motivational theories and conflict management theories within a set period to observe the results. If we can measure a positive change in the employees’ behavior, it will be greatly beneficial for the organization.

Thank you for taking out time to read this letter.

Yours truly,

Kylie James,

Manager, New Age Tech


February 17, 2012