A management proposal sample refers an example of any plan or proposition presented to demonstrate how a particular project or business will be managed. Management means to coordinate among all the indispensible parts of a project and ensure if everything is running smoothly so that the end result is successful. The management proposal serves as a guideline and helps to organise all the activities of the project, keeping with the objective and priorities. The proposal must include the management methodology and cover all areas which are essential in making any project successful.

Sample Management Proposal:

Name of company: New Age Media Services

Address: 38 Palm View, Los Angeles

Management proposal prepared on: November 28, 2011

Proposal prepared by: John Canning

Proposal submitted on: December 8, 2011

Proposal signed and approved by: Ryan Geller

Managing Director, New Age Media Services

Purpose: The purpose of this proposal is present a media management plan on how the company will manage the press and publicity of the Annual Actors Award 2011

Details of Management Proposal:

  • Our company shall start sending press releases to the leading newspapers and channels of the country describing the event and the itinerary
  • We will organise a press conference before the event starts to get publicity in news and also to get featured in articles
  • Special clippings and photos shall be provided to the press for adequate coverage of the event
  • All press members shall be seated in an exclusive area and they will also be allowed to take short interviews of the actors in the lounge area

Estimated cost of project: $100,000