A management proposal template forms the basis of any management proposal and serves as a guideline in creating a management proposal. For any project to be successful, one needs to create a proposal which shall discuss the plan of executing the project and managing different but essential areas that come together to make a project successful. The management proposal must mention the plan of action, funds or budget and deadline of the project and how it will go about managing all these aspects and organise them. The template thus helps to form a framework for creating a management proposal.

Sample Management Proposal Template:

Name of company: [Mention name of company offering management services]

Address: [Mention address and other contact details]

Project management proposal prepared on: [Give date of preparation of proposal]

Proposal prepared by: [Name of person preparing the proposal]

Proposal submitted on: [Date of submission of proposal]

Proposal signed and approved by: [Name and designation of person approving the proposal]

Purpose: [Give the objective or purpose of the proposal and how it will help in making the project successful]

Details of Management Proposal Template:

[Write in bullet points about the methodology of the proposal, how you plan to go about executing the ideas and how it will lead to the success of the project.

Mention the date from when the project will start, the deadline, how you will manage the different areas and departments]

Estimated cost of project: [Mention the cost of the project]

Funds requested: [If the proposal is requesting for funds, mention the amount of funds requested]