Manager Job proposal is being presented by an organization to the prospective candidate depicting the need of the company. This kind of proposals can be presented both for the employees of the particular company or outsiders but it should be designed articulately so that it is efficient in collecting maximum response.

Sample Manager Job Proposal

Title of the Job proposal: Proposal for the job position of manager

Name of the company: S.S Computers

Prepared by: R.C Johnson

HR Administration Head

Date of the proposal: 8th November 2011

Intended people: Group B employees (Talented people with exceptional managerial skills)

Objective of the proposal:

S.S Computers is significantly getting recognized by world’s computer hardware manufacture market. It is earning reputation in various ways and undoubtedly the sole credit goes to its employees. However, we need a suitable employee for the position of manager who can efficiently supervise the work and contribute significantly in bringing new success for the company. Therefore, we are requesting our GROUP B employees who are eager to take up this position of challenge to submit their proposal acceptance. We would choose from the list by undergoing an internal interview process. Nevertheless, everyone would be given a chance to showcase their talent and ability for the particular job position but we have high expectation to fulfill as this is one of the essential positions for bringing success for the organization.

Proposal acceptance would not be entertained after: 8th December 2011

Increment in the salary: There will be a 60% increment in the present salary.