A marketing advertising proposal is a document which outlines the manner in which a particular product will be marketed or advertised. It must be clearly written taking into consideration all the important information about the product, the target audience, the means of marketing the product and the kind of visibility intended for it. A marketing advertising proposal must be concise and relevant.

Sample Marketing Advertising Proposal:

The following is a brief schematic outline of the marketing advertising proposal presented by Shine Bright Advertising Pvt. Ltd. to Royson Pvt. Ltd.

Name of product to be advertised using marketing strategies: Three Minutes Pasta

Name of company producing the product to be advertised: Royson Foods, a division of Royson Pvt. Ltd.

Nature of product to be advertised through marketing: Packaged food.

Date of submission of marketing advertising proposal: 22nd June 2011

Target audience: This product will mainly be targeted at the young audience comprising of children from the age of seven or eight to pre-teens.

Marketing advertising plan:

  • The product shall be placed on the shelves of most departmental stores across the country by the 5th of December 2011
  • Extensive audience feedback shall be collated and used for advertising and promotional purposes.
  • The product shall find maximum display in baseball games, television soaps, and commercial media, due to our tie ups with agencies in these media.
  • The product shall be marketed as a healthy and natural alternative to the more prevalent processed foods in the market with its eschewal of preservatives.

Final preview of marketing advertisement campaign: 22nd July 2011

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