A marketing agency business proposal is a proposal which is framed or drafted by a marketing agency and is directed towards a client or a prospective client. Any such business proposal is a proposal of services that the marketing agency is willing to offer to the client.

Such proposals are to be read and evaluated by clients so as to either accept them or reject them. Given below is a sample of a marketing agency business proposal which can be taken into reference by anyone.

Sample Marketing Agency Business Proposal:

Name of the marketing agency: Red and Blue marketing agency

Official address: S-90, Putin road, Main street Avenue, New York, USA

Contact number of company: 4720380580

Proposal prepared by: Jennifer Lawrence (senior marketing manager)

Proposal presented on: 5th May 2014

Client company name: Timothy International

Proposal presented to: Billy Jones (senior executive)

Objective of proposal:

This proposal has been framed with the intention of offering you marketing services for a period of 1 year. Red and Blue marketing agency shall be providing social media and other marketing services to promote your business and advertise it in an effective manner.

Details of the proposal:

  • Red and Blue marketing agency is willing to offer 1 year of package marketing services which include social media marketing, physical marketing and advertising.
  • We aim to promote your business using hoardings, method of TV ads, newspaper ads and magazine ads.
  • The marketing agency shall be charging a total amount of $10000 for one year which will include all marketing costs except for hoardings which will cost an additional amount depending upon the location of hoardings and time duration of the hoardings.
  • We shall be employing 10 marketing executives for expert marketing advice, suggestions and actions for your company during this period.
  • The payment has to be made before commencement of time duration.