A marketing business proposal is one which outlines the plans and strategies of marketing a business so that its impact is maximized. It includes means of making the business accessible to the people and is written and framed well, is a document of immense value. A marketing business proposal is very important in creating an impression and as a blueprint of the plan of action.

Sample Marketing Business Proposal

Proposal submitted by: Clara Rogers, Head of Marketing Division, Sonders Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.

Date of submission of proposal: 23rd May 2011

Outlines of the marketing proposal:

  • This business will be launched in the market on 15th June 2011. Prior to this, the business will be subject to intensive campaigning and publicity drives. We have tied up with major clinics all over the country for trial demonstrations and sample packs of products created by us.
  • The product will also be aggressively advertised on newspapers and prime time advertising slots. We will ensure that it gets maximum coverage and viewing.
  • We shall be conducting presentations and conferences with leading chemists and experts in the field to lend credibility to our endeavors.

Estimated budget for the marketing of the business: $4588880

Core committee members: Glen Gould, Sarah Tonson and Samantha Rogers.

Tie ups that we intend to embark on:

  • National Daily
  • Star Megastores
  • NBS TV

Date of launching of marketing of the business: 4th June, 2011.

First preview of marketing campaign: 15th May 2011

Proposal attested by: Sarah Mcneilly, Marketing Division, Sonders Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.

Contact for more details: 746734673