A marketing business proposal is an outline of an agency that will be established for the marketing of products or a publicity agency. A marketing business proposal must address all the key factors that need to be considered in such a situation and must be well written, clear and comprehensive. It can prove to be a valuable document and an important frame of reference later on.

Sample Marketing Business Proposal:

Name of marketing agency: Market Strategies Pvt. Ltd.

Location of office: 46B, Fleet Street, London

Intended date for launching: 22th June 2011

Partners and major stakeholders: Jonathan Cullum, Martha Nassar, Sylvia Lane and Robert Martin

Aims and objectives:

  • We are a publicity design and marketing company. We shall approach companies with our resume and work experience as most of our core team members have excellent references and solid work experience in this field behind them.
  • We specialize in website publicity and marketing design. However, we are more than willing to expand our core strength are and gather experience in other areas as well.
  • We offer quality services at very reasonable prices. We take full responsibility for the publicity and marketing strategies of the product but we will welcome inputs from the producers as well.

Future plans: We plan to expand our network to cover areas around London as well.

Prices charged: or starting prices are $30000 per project. Prices are dependent on terms and conditions.

Approximate time for the completion of a project: 2 months.

Contact for further information: 734743238