A marketing campaign proposal is a document which outlines comprehensively the plans and methods to be adopted for the marketing and publicity of any event, item or organization. In short, it describes the means whereby which the cause will reach out to the masses and thus, it is an important and valuable document.

Sample Marketing Campaign Proposal

Proposal submitted by: Red Feathers Marketing Agency Pvt. Ltd.

Product to be marketed: Shin Jan’s Instant Noodle

Produced by: Nissan Food Corporation

Our aims:

  • Our prior experience in marketing, especially in foodstuffs, will come in handy with the marketing of this new product.
  • We would consider it a privilege to be associated with Nissan as we believe that working for a reputed company will only add to the status of our portfolio, and we genuinely regard our staff and core committee to be suitable trained in dealing with the scale of the project.
  • Please also check the attached presentation disc for a better understanding of our aims and objectives.

Our specific plans for Shin Jan’s Instant Noodle:

  • We will use our excellent contacts with leading visual and print media channels in order to secure prime time ad slots for the product.
  • We will also organize events on the grounds by distributing sample packets to customers and working on their feedback. In this way we will establish an instant connection with the public.
  • We will also organize publicity drives in schools and colleges keeping to our target group of youngsters.

We hope to hear from you soon.

Contact us at: 64736474