A marketing event proposal template is the document used by the individuals who need assistance in framing an actual proposal, as per the required format. The template provides such individuals with an outline to the proposal and explains what needs to be written in the different sections. All the individuals using it need to fill in the blanks as per the instructions given. A sample template is given below.

Sample Marketing Event Proposal

Date: ­­­­­­­­__________________________

(Here mention the date on which the proposal has been presented to the respected addressed)


Details of the Addressed:

(In this section the individual must provide the details of the entity/ organisation to whom the proposal is being presented. The detail must be filled in the blanks below as per the heads in front of them.)

Name: __________________________

Job Position: ________________________

Company Name: ____________________

Correspondence Address: ___________________

Contact No.: _______________________

Web Address: __________________________


Details of the Proposing individual/ entity:

(In this section fill in the details of the one who has prepared the proposal and is presenting it. The information must be provided as per the heads given below.)

Company/ Organisation Name: ______________________________

Name: ________________________

Position/ Profile: _______________________

Correspondence Address: ______________________

Email Address: _________________________

Contact No.: _______________________________


Proposal Statement:

(In this section the individual must write down the main idea around which the proposal is based i.e. he or she should present the marketing event idea which he/ she has planned.)


Proposal Details:

(In this section the individual has to expand on the proposal statement i.e. explain in detail all the relevant aspects of the marketing proposal. For example, he or she can state the venue, date and time of the event; he/ she must also mention how the event will benefit the organisation and others. The information can also be presented in bulleted form.)