A marketing event proposal, as clear from the terms, is a layout generally presented by a company or any business firm to place the idea of marketing the newly developed product before another influential corporate house. Such official documents are generally presented in a written form so as to assist future reference.

Sample Marketing Event Proposal:

Name of the event: Miraculous Solutions to Aging

Date of event: 27th November, 2011

Event Organizers: Grace Cosmetics Pvt. Ltd. and Loreal Co

Purpose of the event: To launch products that would provide aging solutions for both men and women.

Marketing Event details:

  • The programme will be of three hours, staged at the International Auditorium, London.
  • Planning should be done to accommodate 1000 audiences.
  • The programme will start with stating various problems of aging, and specially discuss on wrinkling and such cosmetic defects which the product that is to be marketed at the event claims to provide solutions to.
  • The product’s use and directions for proper application will be illustrated by famous cosmetologist Bridgette Williams, on one man and a lady.
  • Tips on uses according to different skin types will be given by dermatologist Samantha Jones
  • The event will end on an hour-long interactive session on the various problems of old age and their easy solutions. Discussions will also be there on precautionary measures that need to be taken at an early age to avoid these things and suggestions will be given on healthy food habits and lifestyle management.
  • Risk and security factors need to be tightly organized.

Estimated cost for the event: $ 80000

Last date for collecting sponsorships: 2nd November, 2011

Publicity details: Publicity will start from 5th November, 2011 at all television and radio channels through print media.

All sponsors are requested to contact at the earliest and support accordingly.