A marketing partnership proposal is one which enlists the plans by which a strategic partnership will be projected to an audience or marketed. Partnerships of significance must be marketed well so that both investors and clients can place trust in them. A well publicized partnership can be of immense value to both partners and care should be taken regarding this.

Sample Marketing Partnership Proposal

Parents involved: Orion Chain of Restaurants and Chef Carl’s Line

Marketing in charge: Jason Summers. Head, Creatix Marketing

Nature of partnership:

  • Chef Carl’s is a reputed brand name which incorporates chef of the highest renown in their operations. They are a chain of multi-cuisine restaurants specializing in Italian cuisine and offering a high end dining experience to patrons.
  • Orion is also an extremely popular chain of mid range restaurants, known for their excellent preparations and prompt service. They have a loyal customer base and they seek to expand their Italian section by tying up with Chef Carl’s Line.

Aspects that will be stressed in the marketing campaign:

  • To tap into the goodwill and customer base of both groups and utilize one for the other.
  • To stress the unique opportunity of having world class Italian food at relatively modest pricing.
  • To expand the number of restaurants of both groups so that customers over a braid spectrum derive benefit.
  • To work out an acceptable formula of profit sharing that will please both groups.

Estimated budget for marketing: $ 3000000 approximately

For further information contact: 82373484