A marketing plan proposal is an exhaustibly meticulous and thoroughly researched plan to market a service, product, brand or company. It is an indispensable document for any company, be it large corporate houses or smaller upcoming companies. This document helps to visualize the marketing strategies, its previous achievements, future goals and target audience.

Marketing Plan Proposal

I.            Executive Summary

‘MoBiFurn Inc.’ is a company that manufactures and markets pieces of furniture like sofa sets, dining table, variety of beds etc. But now we wish to change our business policies and include manufacture and sale of furnishing items like table cloths, upholstery, designer lamp shades etc.

II.          Business Overview

When we launched our range of furniture first in 1996, we made a profit of 10% only. From there, with working market strategies, we pulled up our profit to 55% by 2010. We also specialize in custom designing furniture according to the specific need of the customers. This has helped in pushing up our sales.

III.       Target Market

Our target market consists of customers of various ages from young to middle aged to old, as people of all ages require furniture and furnishing items.

IV.        Goals

For our highly esteemed customers, we are going to launch a line of furnishing items which would make our stores a complete stop for people who are shopping for furniture. The customers would not need to shop separately for the furnishings and this would help to draw a greater number of customers as we are offering hassle free services.

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