A marketing proposal example is a document which aims at creating a strong collection of strategies and plans by which a certain product, institution or event can be publicized and brought to public attention, ensuring a good opening or initial response and generating adequate funds. This document can then be used to consult and follow every step outlined in it and to avoid last minute errors and confusion. A marketing proposal example must be well researched and pragmatic.

Sample Marketing Proposal Example

Marketing proposal report presented by: MarketAnalysts. Pvt. Ltd.

Marketing proposal report prepared on behalf of: Giovanni’s Deli

Date of submission of marketing proposal document: 23rd June 2012

Purpose of marketing proposal report:

  • To suggest the best ways in which the restaurant to be opened by the client can make a splash in the culinary world.
  • To create an interest and a buzz about the Deli, which will guarantee an initial response and create adequate funds for expansion.
  • To ensure that the Deli benefits by word of mouth publicity as well as media hype.

Strategies for marketing of product:

  • We shall tie up with all the major media houses of the state, and ensure that advertisements are placed in strategic locations across most print media options.
  • We hope to create a number of events which will allow customers to taste some of the delights offered by the Deli even before the official launch of the restaurant.

Our core team of experts in PR shall be headed by the internationally renowned marketing analyst, Jason Scully.