A marketing proposal format is a document which enables the correct and impressive formulation of a marketing proposal which is presented by a marketing agency to a company for the express purpose of marketing and publicizing a particular product.  Hence they must be written carefully as it is the first basis on which the agency’s merit will be judged.

Sample Marketing Proposal Format


Purpose of proposal:

Product: (Fill in the relevant details)

First paragraph: The first paragraph of a marketing proposal must display, subtly, the marketing agency’s knowledge of the product in question. This should be supported by an evaluation of the customer base which the product is to be distributed amongst, the potential sales for an estimated time and the market impact of the product. This section of the paragraph demonstrates the agency’s understanding of the principles which guide the marketing and publicizing of any product.

Second paragraph: The second paragraph must proceed to a discussion of the specific plans the agency intends to incorporate to market the product if the proposal is accepted and the contract awarded. It must also include a discussion of the money that will be charged by the agency. A breakup of costs can be given to ensure transparency.

Third paragraph: The third paragraph must form a suitable conclusion to the marketing proposal. It can encompass a discussion of the prior experience of the agency in handling similar projects. Reference letters can supplement this as well. A tone of professionalism must be maintained at all times.

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