A marketing proposal layout is a document which outlines the marketing proposals of a marketing or publicity agency. It must be written in a well researched manner and be of value in the later stages of the operation. It must be lucid and thorough so that the proposal creates a strong first impression.

Sample Marketing Proposal Layout:

Proposal submitted by: Thin Films Marketing Agency

Product: High End Mobiles

Product created by: Samsonite Mobiles Pvt. Ltd.

Our aims and objectives: We, with the intent of being associated with your company, believe that our experience in marketing products for the last twenty five years will come in use for the benefit of both organizations.

Our plans for marketing the product:

  • We intend to use our ties with the leading media institutes of the country, including the important and the most widely read newspapers, television news shows etc. for publicity of the product.
  • We also plan to organize events around the product, including a spectacular launch which will promote the product as well as garner funds.

Our core marketing and creative team: Sarah Jacobs, Roger Poole, George Herbert and Robin Ramaswamy.

Date for first preview of marketing camping: 5th June, 2010

Final Viewing: 19th June, 2010

Our prior notable work: We have contributed to the marketing campaigns of the following well known products:

  • Virgin Beers
  • Halstein Phones
  • North American Post
  • Iron Curtain Furnishings


Our charges: $ 400000. Details of payment will be made clear in the following weeks if our marketing proposal layout is accepted.

We hope to work with you soon.