A marketing proposal letter is one which puts forward, before a prospective client, a marketing company’s objectives and plans regarding any specific project. Thus, this letter has its value and must be written well in a tone of humility yet with confidence. It forms the first impression on which the client will judge the agency and thus must be written keeping these aspects in mind.

Sample Marketing Proposal Letter:


Jason Rogers,

Creative Head,

Sunshine Mobiles Pvt. Ltd.

Subject: Marketing Proposal Letter

Respected Sir,

We, at the Yellow Frames Pvt. Ltd., are eager to collaborate with you on the marketing and publicity design of your new range of phones. Along with this letter are enclosed a CD containing a brief account of our experience till now, and a more detailed outline of the ways in which we hope to aid you in marketing your product.

Our aims are, primarily, to provide you with access to all the leading media sources of the country, and even beyond, so that your product gets the proper channels of publicity. We will also sit with members of your organization to work out finer details like target client, price range, ad campaigns and so on.

Our estimated fees for this entire operation will be around $ 30000. A complete breakup of charges and modes of payment will be intimated to you if you accept our offer, which we ardently hope you will. We are looking forward to a creative and satisfying collaboration.

Thanking you,

Jason Gillen,

Executive Director,

Yellow Frames Pvt. Ltd.