A marketing proposal template is a document which serves to guide the correct and effective composition of a marketing proposal. Marketing proposals are presented by any company like an advertising agency or a publicity design organization to the manufacturer of the product in order to secure a contract. Hence they must be framed carefully with great foresight.

Sample Marketing Proposal Template

Name of marketing agency: ______________________________________________________

Date of proposal submission: _____________________________________________________

Product in question: ____________________________________________________________

Product manufactured by: ________________________________________________________

[Fill in the relevant details]

Our achievements in the last three years: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

[Mention the significant milestones in the growth of the marketing agency which qualify it for the challenges that the marketing of this product involves]

Our aims with regards to the marketing of this particular product: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

[Provide a schema of the exact steps that the company will take to ensure successful marketing and publicity of the product]

Our target client base: ___________________________________________________________

[Give an account of the company’s customer base and the reasons for choosing that particular client profile]

Costs for the marketing of the product: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ [Mention the total expenditure in completing the project including a detailed breakup of costs]

Our reasons for applying for this project: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

[Give succinct reasons as to why the company has chosen to vie for this project, like the prestige and monetary gains it brings]

Our human and technical staff and their expertise: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ [Provide an account of the personnel and technical resources of the company]

What we hope to gain from this project: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ [Mention the importance of this deal for the future of the company]