A marketing research proposal is a business document which is prepared by a company to market their products and initiate sales of the products. It is important to seek professional help from experienced marketing agencies to achieve this end and establish a company’s foothold in the market.

Sample Marketing Research Proposal

Name of marketing agency: Chocomilk Health Drinks

Product description: It is a nutrition drink for growing children from the age of 1 year to 12 years. It is a tasty beverage that ensures overall bone and muscle development in children and adolescents.

Name of the owner: Zac Sasaman, Managing Director of the Company

Proposal given to: Barb Marketers

Date of proposal: 26th June, 2011

Objective behind market research: Since the last time we ordered a market research of our product was 2009, there is an urgent need to start a research now as market conditions and customer demands have changed drastically. We would want you to begin a research on the market and its various components along with their individual relation with our product. We want you to provide answers to our questions related to the marketing issues. The samples of the questions are given below:

  • How many customers are presently using our product and if it is lesser than the average number of consumers using other health drinks?
  • What are the changes suggested by the consumers to be incorporated?
  • What free gifts or offers would draw more number of consumers and their children?

We apologize for demanding an urgent response.

Last date of proposal acceptance: 5th July, 2011