A marketing sales proposal is a business document which is prepared by a company to market their products and initiate sales of the products. It is important to seek professional help from experienced marketing agencies to achieve this end and establish a company’s foothold in the market.

Sample Marketing Sales Proposal

Proposal submitted to: Houston Marketing Agency

Product: Newly launched Multitasking Tablets

Product description: The tablet is a new age device with truly multitasking capabilities. It is a versatile gadget with multimedia, instant messenger, web browsing, community browsing, and games, unlimited download and touch screen application. It is light and can be easily slipped into a handbag. This ultra sleek device can give a tough competition to the ipads and blackberry.

Subject of proposal: Proposal for marketing of the newly launched Multitasking Tablet in all the cities and metropolitans of US.

Purpose behind this proposal: We are looking forward to working with your agency to attain appropriate marketing of Multitasking Tablet around the world. Your resume includes world famous products which are so by virtue of your marketing strategies. Therefore we have the proposal for your company and hope to hear from you as soon as possible.

Target customers: Since it is a multitasking gadget, our target customers include the businessmen and college youth. The former would be the most benefited from this invention and the latter would fancy it because of its cool image.

Pricing: The ballpark price ranges between $59, 0000 and $78, 0000 depending on the size and capacity of the device.

Astor Ball

Product Supervisor

Techno Gadgets

San Francisco