Marry you wedding proposal refers to a document in which a person expresses her deep love for his beloved and proposes for marriage. At any stage of a committed relationship one can propose for marriage, but prior to that the urge has to be strong enough. In this proposal one expresses various reasons for marrying him/her.

One can also choose any special day or occasion for proposal based upon the preferences of your partner. As it is a big decision a thorough thinking and arrangements have to be done prior to write this proposal.

Sample Marry You Wedding Proposal:


Elizabeth Emery,

Bridge Of Weir, Renfrewshire

My dear Eli,

It’s been 4 years since we met for the first time, and time is just flying from that moment. Life has become beautiful and consequential with your love and support. A cool breeze of happiness blows my feet’s off when I see you around. I cannot imagine my life without you. You have changed the meaning of my existence and without you I cannot achieve all that I dream off. You are my lady luck, the love of my life. I feel that now we should tie the knot to become inseparable for life. My heart has found the soul mate for me. I deeply wish to ask you “will you marry me to become mine forever?”

Waiting for your response with all my heart and soul, and wishing that it will definitely going to be positive.

Yours loving and dear

Stephen Lawson,