A massage business proposal is a document which allows one to plan and organize every little aspect of a massage business like the setting up of a new spa, or a more localized and privatized massage service business. There are a number of areas, which need deep consideration, and these must all be addressed in the massage business proposal.

Sample Massage Business Proposal

Name of massage business or spa: Relaxo Spa and Massage Specialty Centre

Location: 14 Coventry Garden, London

  • Services to be offered: Our staring service involves a basic spa treatment which aims at cleansing and complete relaxation of tightened muscles of the body.
  • Later and more specialized packages involve the application of particular natural packs, area-specific massage treatments and aroma therapy.

Starting Range: Our starting range is $ 100 for the basic Step 1 spa and massage treatment. Prices will escalate depending on the kind of package chosen.

Targeted clientele: We intend to offer our services to working professionals who need this kind of specialized treatment to relax and unwind after the tremendous stress they face at work.

Appointments: You can visit our spa through appointment only. Appointments can be made over the phone. On being cancelled without notification, clients are liable to be penalized monetarily.

Timings: 3pm to 9 pm

Future plans: We plan to expand our outlets. By the end of the year we aim at two new outlets in the city.

Caution: No tips must be given to staff as they are paid separately by the management of the spa.

Contact for bookings and more information: 342374672/ 23328333..



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