Medical project proposal is generally scripted to bring in floodlight on any upcoming medical project. It may be to advertise of the project or to acquire human resource for the project or fundraising; any reason can satisfy the creation of such a proposal. The content of the proposal should be concise yet impressive to gain the attention of the mass.

Sample Medical Project Proposal

Establishment of Brain Stem Cancer Research Institute and Hospital

Date: 15th September 2011

Estimated Cost of Development: Along with equipments and infrastructure the approximate cost for constructing the research centre will be around $500000.

Sponsors Benefit: The sponsors will be holding certain percentage shares of the institute and will get 15% of the profit of the institute from the second year of its commencement.

Project Details: The research institute is solely created with the aim to make it the largest Brain Stem Cancer Institute of United States of America. Not only research work of international level in the guidance of top most Oncologists but also it will serve as a hospital to serve the sufferings of thousands of people attacked by the deadly syndrome of cancer. Since such medical spots are much in demand and in need among the mass and also increasing number of students want to do their research work on this subject, so this institute will be a huge success.

Targeted Sponsors: This proposal is targeted at different Multi National Organisations who want to gain strong foothold even in the medical industry, also at established biochemical and pharmaceutical firms.

Proposal submission would not be entertained after: 9Th October2011