A methodology research proposal is a document which lists down the essentials of a methodology research program. It is executed by professional scientists who are required to lay down the meaning, purpose and characteristics of the research so that the method of approach and the science of studying how the research is conducted can be easily deciphered.

Sample Methodology Research Proposal

Subject: Methodology research proposal

Name of researcher: Jessie Parker

Current designation: Research Psychologist at Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre (DRC)

Date of proposal: 16th June, 2011

Field of interest: I am interested in carrying out a research on the ways to solve drug related problems by zooming in on the biological changes. As drugs and alcohol make a direct impact on the biochemical receptors of the neurotransmitter systems of the brain, attacking that zone might be of some help in dealing with drug addiction and alcohol dependence.

Research cost: The estimated cost of the research would be around $12, 00000 overall as it is a huge domain. Therefore I request you to provide me with the financial assistance to reach a conclusive answer about drug and alcohol abuse.

Research experience: I have worked with 3 science schools and organizations before this and all my research investigations have borne fruitful results. [I have given a copy of each of the research results published in the journals]

Benefits of the methodology research proposal: The research answer would help people understand the reasons behind their drug dependence and tolerance. It would also help them resist the use of drugs and make them more psychologically stable.

Expected time of completion: June 2014