A microfinance project proposal must outline the necessary plans to get a microfinance project underway. A microfinance project usually entails the giving of small loans to extremely poor individuals in developing or underdeveloped countries without requiring any collateral, in the hope of making them self reliant. This requires planning and foresight, as well as determination.

Sample Micro finance Project Proposal

Name of micro finance institution: Bankers For All Pvt. Ltd. [BFA]

Country of operation: Bangladesh

Probable year of establishment: 2015

Our chief motives:

  • To provide collateral free small capital to the needy, with low rates of interest and flexibility.
  • To ensure that farmers are not exploited by unscrupulous money lenders.
  • To reduce the rate of farmer suicides in the area.
  • To make a lasting contribution to society.

We will work through several non-governmental organizations which have their reach in the heart of the BPL zone. These organizations will be our partners in ensuring the availability of finance to the poorest of the poor who are deprived of conventional or traditional financing systems and have to resort to the unscrupulous practices of local moneylenders. These organizations are:

Necessary permits have been obtained. Check enclosed document for more details.

Date of first preview of micro finance project proposals: 30th June 2011

We will operate in the following areas, seeking to uplift the conditions of the residents there:

  • Block 1, Dargah
  • Block 2, Kesupur
  • Block 3, Linton

Chief committee: The chief committee members who will overlook all policy decisions and also the general running of the project are:

Jana Joseph, Yunis Khan, Roberta Mohawk and Jim Carter.

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