A model research proposal is a document that proposes a model or sample design of any research. It is made my professionals who have an in-depth knowledge about the product and its requirements. The model of a product is prepared with a lot of exertion to ensure maximum utilization and visibility of the main product.

Sample Model Research Proposal

Name of the company: Ford Mobile Company

Proposal presented on: 5th June 2011

Model suggestion required for: A new range of mobiles named Dolby Mobiles

Proposal given to: Sally Ennam, Product Designer

Proposal given by: Johnson Model Advising Agency

Name of the advisor: Mr Steen Kipnis

Tools used for model research:

  • Questionnaires were distributed in schools and offices to check with mass popularity.
  • Interviews of dealers were held to find out which mobile features were looked for by customers while purchasing.
  • Observation was made to see which mobiles were considered efficient by users.

Model Research Proposal: Our entourage has come out with a distinguished make of the product with assisted features through research and observation. We are quite certain that your company would like the proposed model. It has some striking features coupled with a very attractive body to ascertain that customers are satisfied in both ways. Here is a list of the details:

  • The body is coloured bright pink which would instantly catch with the people.
  • The thickness of the model is precisely 1.5 cm that gives it a stylish sleek look and easy portability.
  • Its dual functioning system allows the user to use his hands or the keypad for operation.

Last date for accepting the proposal: 5th July 2011