A most romantic proposal is a form of love proposal which is done in the most effective and unique way. It is an occasion to express the feeling of love and romance for the very special person of your life. From the various forms and ideas of proposal one can choose anything as per the liking of their loved ones. They must bear it in mind that this is the very special occasion for both of them, thus try to make it the most effectual and memorable day of their life.

You can look for multiple traditions of making the most romantic proposal from the internet and decide on one. You can also choose any special day like the birth day or the day you first met etc to make this proposal. Depending upon the preference of your beloved one you can make this most romantic proposal expressive, romantic, emotional and endearing.

Sample Most Romantic Proposal:


Anna Peter

Jane Santa Lane,

Oldham, Lancashire

Dear Anna,

My life has become a joyous all time celebration since you entered my life. Your love and affection has changed the direction of the river of my life. Now it always flows towards love, enthusiasm and happiness. Your excellent behavior and positive attitude makes me feel as the most fortunate person of the world. I assure you all the happiness of the world if you accept my proposal and become my love mate. My heart longs to jump when you smile, it rings on your lovely voice and it rejoices when you are around.

Yours truly,

James Roderick