A motor insurance proposal is an insurance proposition offered by an insurance company to a client offering protection of a personal or commercial motor vehicle. The document outlines various terms and conditions and the benefits to be derived from paying the premium in order to get coverage of one’s motor vehicle in case of any accident, robbery, vandalism, natural disasters and so on. Every motor insurance proposal has different policies and they are tailored to meet the requirements of that particular client and type of vehicle.

Sample Motor Insurance Proposal:

Name of agency: Motor Insured Inc

Address: 87 Mountain View Drive, Wales

Motor insurance proposal prepared on: December 3, 2011

Proposal prepared by: Dorothy Jennings

Agent, Motor Insured Inc

Proposal submitted on: December 12, 2011

Proposal name: East Motor Insurance for All

Purpose: The purpose of the motor insurance proposal is to make the client aware of the different types of motor insurance policies offered by the firm and help him choose the right policy for himself

Details of Motor Insurance Proposal:

  • The proposal offers coverage of the motor vehicle owned by the client and shall share risks and damages to the car as a result of accidents, vandalism, robbery and natural disasters
  • Besides offering coverage of the vehicle, the proposal also offers benefits coverage to the driver and his immediate family members and also anyone travelling inside the car at the time of accidents or any other incident.
  • The proposal also offers coverage of third-party liability coverage if the driver of this vehicle damages another and its driver.