A multimedia project proposal may be created with various purposes, like advertising a particular multimedia project, gathering both monetary and materialistic resource, for the requirement of man power to accomplish, for the requirement of skilled labour, etc. While mentioning the overall need of the project, the proposal should depict its transparency so as to gather public acknowledgement.

Sample Multimedia Project Proposal

Name of the project: Techy Game Multimedia to be launched by Techno Polis States Associates.

Purpose of the Project: The project is basically related with the creation of electronic gadgets with multimedia support through which various games can be played.

Purpose of the proposal: The proposal is created as an advertisement to get skilled labours for the creation of the multimedia gadgets.


Type of Officials Required: Engineers with electronics and softwares as their Graduation and specialisation electives with sound knowledge either in electronic circuiting and handling products or in software development and execution are required. Candidates having a minimum work experience of two years and above will be appreciated. Software developers with knowledge in creative graphics designing will get a special preference. Electronic engineers ought to be practically trained and should inculcate substantial knowledge regarding the latest technological gadgets in the market, its specifications and tentative drawbacks.

Type of work: Techno Polis is the leading name in the field of Technical gadgets globally, the multimedia supported game is its new venture, so they want skilled labour that can do the job of the software behind the multimedia games, its smooth running and attractive execution, also they require good electronic knowledge so that the software can be rightly fit into the case of the game and together create a wave in the gaming world.

Last date for accepting the proposal: 5th June 2011

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