A music marketing proposal is a document which aims at providing clear and concise steps to ensure the correct and advantageous marketing of a musical album, artist, performance or event. This means that every little detail associated with the publicity and marketing of the musical product is to be mentioned in the music marketing proposal which shall then serve as a guiding document to the organizers. These events are usually held by event-management or PR companies.

Sample Music Marketing Proposal

The following is an abstract from the Music Marketing Proposal presented by EventsGlam Pvt. Ltd. to the client Bobby Brown, a Blues artist. To access the complete document, please visit our website or write to us.

Date of submission of music marketing proposal: 23rd June 2012.

Nature of musical product to be marketed: The product in this case is the latest Blues album created by client Bobby Brown for Sony Records, entitled “Bobby and the Blues”. This is the third album produced by the client and the second to be marketed by us.

Features of the music marketing proposal:

  • The music album shall be launched on the 3rd of October 2012 with great fanfare, and significant presence of dignitaries from the music industry.
  • The songs from the album shall be played on the radio and across popular music channels all through the two-month window that we are getting.
  • The client too shall play an active part in publicizing his music album by going on interviews with noted celebrity guests.

First preview of music marketing proposal: 23rd August 2012.