A national employment proposal is a proposal placed nationwide for employment in a specific job or vice versa in which an employee of national origin can approach an employment company. The requirements of the post and expectations from the employee must be specifically drafted so that the employee is sure of what to fulfil and the employers are sure of whom to recruit.

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Sample National Employment Proposal

National Employment Proposal

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Name of the candidate: Nicola Jane

Nationality: American

Contact number: 382292999

Name of the company: Nation Call Centre

Employment proposal given for: Call Centre Representative

Company description: NSC is a dynamic company catering to national and international needs and ousting problems with élan.

Outline of the proposal: I have read a lot about your organization and I am highly interested in including it in my CV by joining as an employee.

Problem area: I have learnt that your company is looking for young and fit call centre agents to meet the sudden ascent in call pressure from various parts of the world.

Objective: I would like to take up this job as I am very fond of communicating with people from different countries and extremely passionate about serving people in times of their needs.

Educational status:

  • I am fluent in the basic languages, i.e., English (American and British) and vernacular languages.
  • I have taken special training in French and Spanish from National School of Languages that may be of some additional advantage.
  • I have good knowledge of the geographical locations of the state as I have been on field trips for educational purposes.