A national sales tax proposal is a sort of an order made by a tax levying body to extract appropriate taxes from a private company or profit making body. Tax forms an important part of the revenues that is earned by the government to execute their plans. The greatest revenues are incurred from sales duties.

Sample National Sales Tax Proposal

Subject of the proposal: Sales Tax payment to be made on time

Company approached with the proposal: Sundaram Textile Industry

Location of the company headquarters: 34, Vasant Vihar, Bangalore, India.

Subject of the proposal: It has come to our notice that your company has experienced inflated profits in the last two years. Thus we are making a proposal that you need to increase the amount of tax paid.

Keeping the present predicament in mind we make the following proposals to your company:

  • An immediate compensation has to be made for the loss and evasion of tax in the last 2 years since the taxes were not in accordance with the sales profits.
  • The company has to produce all relevant documents showing details of revenues and sales profits to the main office from time to time.
  • Considering 4% sales tax on the sale of products, the tax amount rounds up to $78000000 that is a $1, 00000000 raise from the previous tax amount.

If the company fails to clear the formalities within one month from the proposal, we will be compelled to hand over the matter to the high court and court will take the following decisions.

Sales Tax Commissioner

Sales Tax Department