A network consultant proposal is a kind of a business or official document which is framed by a network expert company or an IT company to offer its network consultancy services to another client or company. These proposals are like business offers made from one company to another and consist of the major details of the consulting services which are being offered.

On receiving the proposal, the client can himself decide whether or not the decision to accept the proposal is good for the company or not and on that basis, he can either reject or give consent. For your reference, a sample proposal has been given below and can be used by anyone.

Sample Network Consultant Proposal

Name of consulting company: Jack network consultants

Address of consulting company: 1289, Fredrick street, London, UK

Name of Client Company: Vellum International Corporation

Address of Client Company: 123, Marco polo square, London, UK

Proposal prepared by: Sarah Patrick

Senior consultant, Jack network consultants

Proposal presented to: Tim Jobs, Owner, Vellum International Corporation

Objective of proposal

This is a network consultant proposal tailor made to suit your company’s network and IT consulting requirements. We shall be providing you 1 year of network consulting and maintenance services wherein our consultants shall work onsite and offsite, depending upon the exact need.

Details of the proposal:

  • Jack network consultants would be employing 4 network experts for servicing, maintenance and consulting of your company’s IT network for 1 year.
  • These consultants can either work on request or can be fully employed, depending upon your specific requirements.
  • In case of on request work, you would have to place a request 24 in advance and our representatives shall assist you in the best possible way, either onsite or offsite.
  • The responsibility of total network assistance and maintenance will be ours.

Estimated cost of Network consulting: $4000