A network design proposal is a document which outlines the manner and method by which a data network can be created keeping certain important objectives in mind. Since this is a professional document, the tone in which it is written must be formal, professional and businesslike. Both the advantages and the challenges involved in creating a network design must be analyzed in a careful manner.

You can Download the Free Network Design Proposal, customize it according to your needs and Print. Network Design Proposal is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Network Design Proposal:

Network Design Proposal

Download Network Design Proposal

Name of company presenting the network design proposal: Networking Solutions Inc.

Date of submission of network design proposal: 12th April 2011

Institute commissioning the network design proposal: Virginia University

Purpose of network design proposal:

  • Every university must be equipped with a state of the art system of communication. The purpose of this network design proposal is to ensure that Virginia University gets the same.
  • Through this network design proposal, we can assess the present situation of communications network and analyze the improvements that must be made, or if there s scope for a complete system overhaul.
  • Other factors like cost, services, location etc. must also be analyzed and the proposal is the best way of intimating our plans to the university.

Date of commencement of the network design project: 7th August 2011

Date of termination of the project: 1st December 2011

Main challenge: To integrate the several LAN networks those are in operation at the University currently.

Total cost of the system overhaul: 2 Million USD

We hope you will accept our proposal. We look forward to having an excellent relationship with you, and contributing to your noble endeavors in the field of education.

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