A network project proposal is a document which provides plans for network projects of any scope. For example, a data communications network will require, at the initial planning stages, such a document to help chart the stages by which the project will be completed. It serves as a blueprint or guide for network projects and must be carefully written.

Printable Project Proposal in Google Docs

Printable Project Proposal in Google Docs

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Simple Project Proposal in iPages

Simple Project Proposal in iPages

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Sample Network Project Proposal

Name of network project which is undertaken: To create a data communications network which will serve New York University, including both campuses.

Proposal submitted by: Data Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Date of submission of network project proposal: 2nd July 2011

Likely duration of network project proposal: Two months

Date of completion: September 2011

Network project cost: $10000000

Purpose of this network project:

  • To serve the needs of students and staff members who will have access to computerized documents including archives, journals etc. all day and at any time.
  • To provide internet access to students and staff members even in their hostels.
  • To make sure that the digitized library resources are made available to students and teachers at all hours.
  • This network is only for student and teacher use. Administrative networking facilities have been provided for separately. The two networks do not coincide in any manner.

First preview of network project including testing of firewall systems and LAN speed: July 2011

Final testing of networking system in order to ensure a smooth transition: August 2011

Chief network project coordinators: Josef Roberts and Dan Browning.

For more information contact: 732632564