A network security project proposal is a special technical document that is basically concerned about the security of networks that play a major role in the transmission of information by means of electronic media. This is a very crucial issue now that there has been a steady rise in the number of users of network facilities and also that it plays an important role in determining economies. Hence the proposal needs to be very clearly stated and should not miss out on a single relevant point.

Sample Network Security Project Proposal:

Name of the project: New and complete Network Security.

Organization name: Garrison Network Solutions Ltd.

Date of presenting the proposal: 3rd June, 2011

Introduction with the project:

The term network basically refers to systems which can store relevant data and also process them in a way such that they are properly circulated. The various components of transmission in networks include satellites and cable, switches, etc. whereas there are a few support services such as the authentication and identification services. The primary reason for ensuring security to networks is that they are associated with a wide range of applications such as browser and emails and various terminal equipments as well such as PCs, mobile phones, etc. and any damage in the network will largely harm these as well. Hence we have planned this project to ensure network security.

Project benefits:

  • It will ensure accessibility of data and operational service availability, except for extreme conditions such as natural disasters.
  • Networks will be properly authenticated to confirm user identity.
  • All sent, received and stored data will be provided integrity, by which it will be confirmed that those information remain exact and complete.
  • Finally, privacy will be highly respected and provided, especially owing to sensitive data transfer.

Estimated Budget: $567000

We hope to hear from you soon.

Thanking You,

George Richards

Executive Head

Garrison Network Solutions Ltd.