Whenever a person or party thinks or plans a new business entity or gets an idea for a new business, he/she presents it in the form of a new business plan proposal. A new business plan proposal is a way through which one explains the details or idea behind a new business and proposes it to either a prospective partner or a senior official. One sample of a new business plan proposal is given below and can be used by anyone for reference.

Sample New Business Plan Proposal

Proposal prepared by: Timothy Markson

Address of proposal presenter: D-560, second floor, Trip tower, Jack Street, London

Contact number of the proposal presenter: 470935095, 473057050

Proposal presented to: David Lynch, Owner, Lynch Corporation

Address: S-345, victory road, London

Contact number: 40305053

Proposal presented on: 19th June 2014

Proposal submitted on: 20th June 2014

Proposal objective:

This proposal is being prepared with the aim of suggesting a new business plan and idea which we can jointly run and own. The proposal is aimed to give you a brief idea about the business and how it will be carried out by us as a joint ownership.

Business plan

To set up an online retail store of used books and magazines where people of UK can search for their favorite titles at reduced prices and have them home delivered. This will be a great platform for those who cannot afford new books and wish to get used books at their doorsteps for reasonable costs.

Plan details

We will first need to get a website designed and set up a team to search for and collect all used and old titles of books and magazines. We will have to have a huge collection for users to choose from and set reasonable prices for each. A good home delivery program is also required.

Estimated set up time: 6 months

Estimated set up cost: $25000