To propagate a business it is very much needed to introduce new job positions in the company and explore opportunities for the employees. Even a new job position proposal can be presented by an employee as well by seeking the attention of their concerned authority for creating new opportunities in the work place.

Sample New Job Position Proposal

Name of the company: Monte Food and Beverages Co.

Proposal Title: Introduction of new job position

Proposal prepared by: J.K Thomsan

Managing director

Date of proposal issued: 5th July 2011

Intended Clients: This proposal is intended for all our existing clientele base and new potential clients who are planning to join hands with us in our recent endeavors.

Executive Summary of the proposal:

For the last 7 years our company has created a global footprint for their significance performance in food and beverage products. This wouldn’t have been possible if we were not having a strong base of supporting employees. Hence, we are planning to expand our business in various ways. Firstly we decided to diversify it by introducing few more new job positions so that we can welcome talented candidates who aspire to work in food companies. This would not only help us to propagate but also new opportunities could be explored as well.

Estimated Budget for introducing new job positions: $ 50000-$60000 approximately

Duration required for introducing the new job positions in various branches of the company:  Maximum 6 months

Last date for accepting the proposal: 6th August 2011

No proposal submission would be granted after the last date.

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