A new product launch event proposal is a document which aims at providing a plan or schedule which can be followed in order to create an event for the occasion of launching of a particular product. A new product launch event must take into account the kind of event it is, the kind of product being launched and the audience profile invited to the event. These factors are the best understood and handled by an event management company, and it is usually such companies that create and send event proposals to their clients for approval.

Sample New Product Launch Event Proposal

Proposal created by: EventBiz. Pvt. Ltd.

Date of proposal submission: 23rd June 2012

Proposal created for: Simonello Instant Foods Pvt. Ltd.

Nature of product to be launched: The client company’s latest development in its chain of instant food products is Simonello Pasta Sauces and Seasonings which includes products like oregano, basil and thyme based seasonings and every conceivable kind of pasta sauce.

Event description:

  • The launch party shall be an exclusive affair with high profile celebrity guests being part of the occasion.
  • The launch shall be held on the 3rd of December 2012, and it shall include an unveiling of the range of products in this line developed by the client, as well as an outlining of where the company wishes to head towards after this.
  • The event shall be coordinated by our core marketing team headed by Jason Bigman, and tie-ups with most leading media houses are expected.
  • The preview of the plans will be made available to the client company by the 11th of August 2012.


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