A new product marketing proposal is a document which outlines the methods which will be incorporated in the marketing and broadcasting of a new product developed by a company. It is of vital importance that such a proposal is written taking into consideration all contingent factors and hence it can be made valuable and an intrinsic part of marketing operations, as a blueprint.

Sample New Product Marketing Proposal

Proposal submitted by: Nancy Keene, Head of Marketing Services, Blue Umbrella Marketing Pioneers

Date of submissions of proposal: 1st June 2011

New product which is to be marketed: Kinelli’s Instant Pasta

Developed by: Kinelli’s Group

Important factors:

  • Clientele: Kinelli’s, due to its high protein and low carbohydrates content, is especially popular among the youth of today. The age group of 5 to 20 is our primary clientele.
  • Brand name: Kinelli’s products have been in the market for over fifty years. They were established in 1965 and thus, they are a well known and well loved brand promising wholesome food with little or no preservatives and other harmful chemicals.
  • Estimated budget for marketing of new product: $300000
  • Chief modes of marketing the new product:
  • We will tie up with most departmental stores of the country to ensure maximum visibility on shelves for our new product.
  • We will also embark on a door to door campaign so that an instant connect is established with the customers. They shall be handed sample packs as well.
  • We will make sure that customers are pleased and ask for more.

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