Newspaper is the print media with the maximum influence on the common mass. Numerous companies advertise on newspapers to woo customers. A newspaper advertising proposal is a business plan to succinctly market a unique or a range of branded products by the concerned authorities with profiteering motives. The advertising can also be done with social objectives in consideration. The marketing executives incorporate the necessary details in the advertising proposal to be incorporated in the newspaper columns that consist of the budget of the advertising and few distinct points regarding the commercial focus.

Sample Newspaper Advertising Proposal

Registered name of the company: Radical Garments Pvt. Ltd.

Address of the Head Office: 45B/2 Free-street East, San Diego, California, USA

Name of the proposal designer: Mr. Marcus Gilmour

Estimated budget of the project: $1800 – $2000

Time-frame for which the advertisement is to be displayed: 7 days (Monday to next Sunday)

The particular work details of the newspaper advertising proposal:

  • Strategizing the dimensions of the advertisement display to be pitched.
  • Determining the color, patterns and content of the advertisement block.
  • Formulating the policy to identify the week for which the advertisement is going to be displayed.

The specific objectives of the newspaper advertising proposal:

  • Reaching a large band of future customers and also maintain the current client base.
  • Accelerating the rate of growth of sales revenue to the tune of 15-20% per financial quarter.
  • Establishing a cordial and commercially beneficial relation with the popular newspaper brands.

Signature of the proposal coordinator: Miss Rebecca James