Marketing a business through newspaper is an age old and effective process which has been adapted by many. However, while framing a newspaper marketing proposal one should emphasize on the business motives clearly in order to achieve maximum response from intended people.

Sample Newspaper Marketing Proposal

Title of the proposal: Proposal for marketing the company’s upcoming endeavors.

Name of the company: V.Vishu Solution

Created by: Mr. HS Valmiki

Marketing In-charge

Date of issuing the proposal: 7th October 2011

Executive summary of the proposal:

We are a leading provider of BPO (Business Processing Outsourcing) services focusing on non voice or voice based segment of customer care services. As the technological dependency of various industries is steadily increasing with each passing year, our contribution is also becoming significant along with it. Recently, we have a plan of expanding our business on Central Asia and Latin America.

Therefore, we want a thorough marketing regulation of our business process through print media so that we could leverage our services for serving diverse domains and meet our client’s requirements efficiently in near future.

Plan made for marketing regulation through newspaper:

  • We are looking for talented and experienced BPO executives for our newly expanded companies through an advertisement on newspaper.
  • Regulation of marketing process through compelling messages so that it interest maximum number of people.
  • Changes on certain interval depicting the latest and upcoming news of the business

Cost estimated for newspaper marketing regulation: $3500-$4000 approximately.

Duration of marketing contract would be of: Maximum 2years.

Proposal will remain till: 7th November 2011