A non-profit project proposal is a document which is created with a view to outlining the plans of conducting a non-profit project. It must be clear and precise. A non-profit project is one where the organizers and sponsors eschew claiming any part of the proceeds and most often, the money generated from the project funds beneficial and charitable organizations.

Sample Non-Profit Project Proposal

Name of non-profit project: Free mid day meals to underprivileged children dwelling in and around the slums of Dharavi, Mumbai.

Non-profit project coordinated and sponsored by: JRT Conglomerates Pvt. Ltd.

Nature of the project:

  • Dharavi is the biggest slum in the world. It is teeming with underfed and overworked children who have little means of sustaining themselves.
  • This mid day meal project, sponsored by our organization will lure them to school and also provide some sort of sustenance.
  • We plan to operate this project for one year from the date of commencement, and depending on the results, we will introduce the changes necessary.
  • This charitable act will be sponsored by our trust funds, endowment funds and other private sponsors who have generously contributed. We derive no profit whatsoever from the money collected in the name of this non-profit project.

Date of commencement: 23rd June 2011

Number of children who will be provided with mid day meals: 1045

Mid day meals will consist of: 2 chapatis [flattened bread] per child, a glass of milk, and sabzi [vegetables]

What we hope to achieve:

  • To provide at least one constant source of food for a child in one day.
  • This meal will be provided to children who are school going. We believe this will help stem the high dropout rate.