A nonprofit business proposal is a kind of a business proposal which is framed by a company with the aim of presenting an idea of business to another company or entity.

These proposals are framed with the objective of suggesting a nonprofit business proposal to an organization by giving details of the proposed business plan. For your reference, the following given is a detailed example of one such nonprofit business proposal.

Sample Nonprofit Business Proposal

Name of the company: Friends Group of companies

Address of the company: A-89, second floor, Martin tower, Manchester square, Manchester

Proposal framed and presented by: Victor King

Vice President, Friends group of companies

Proposal presented to: John Williamson

Managing Director, Williamson Enterprises

Proposal presented on: 10th May 2014

Proposal objective: Through this proposal, we wish to extend a hand of partnership to your organization for starting up a nonprofit business venture which will be dedicated in the service of cancer patients of the city. We will be setting up a cancer care center for the patients in Manchester.

Details of nonprofit business proposal:

  • We plan to open a nonprofit cancer care unit in partnership with you.
  • Your company and our company have had a long association and we plan to be 50:50 partners in this venture. This means that investment from both parties will be 50-50 but since this is a nonprofitarrangement, there is no question of sharing profits.
  • Whenever the cancer care center will be conducting events of cancer awareness camps, both the parties shall participate equally in it.
  • If you are ready to sign this deal, we would request you to set aside an estimated sum of $20000 for the initial phase investment.

If any other information is needed from our side, please feel free to contact us on 7907070-800.